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Student Chefs Showcase Seafood Delights in “Taste of the Sea” Menu

Second-year students at the McClaskey Culinary Institute were back at it again, presenting another pop-up restaurant experience in with their “Taste of the Sea” pop-up menu from Feb. 15-17.  This marked the second in-person restaurant event since the pandemic. The menu, costing $16.22 per person including tax, featured a variety […]

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Clark Health Professor Discusses Her Recent Book on Wellness in Athletics

Dr. Cara Cocchiarella, health professor at Clark College and a coach consultant, co-wrote “Winning Well: Maximizing Coach and Athlete Wellness” with fellow educator and friend Camille Adana. Written as a guide for coaches to a holistic approach in sports, the book focuses on the eight different aspects of wellness: emotional, […]