Author: Luc Hoekstra


Wednesday Patriot Prayer Update

Clark College does not intend to close the campus for the possible Wednesday demonstration by Joey Gibson and his group, Patriot Prayer. Security has been increased First-responders will be called if necessary If demonstrators do show up, students will be notified through RAVE alerts, email and social media. Lockdown alerts […]


Clark Officially Closes Campus for Oct. 22

College President Bob Knight sent an email to the Clark community on Thursday evening, declaring cancellation of operations at all Clark college locations on Oct. 22, the date of the planned Patriot Prayer demonstration led by Joey Gibson. In the email, Knight said he made the decision with the executive cabinet, […]

Campus Home Page In The Spotlight News

Patriot Prayer Plans to Make Rounds at Clark, WSUV.

Luc Hoekstra – Editor in Chief Clark College’s official Facebook page, managed by Communications and Marketing Director Hannah Erickson, responded to plans announced on Facebook by Joey Gibson to hold protests at Clark and Washington State University Vancouver next week. Gibson,  a Vancouver resident, is the leader of Patriot Prayer, […]

Campus News

History of Oswald

Luc Hoestra – Editor-In-Chief The Clark College mascot, Oswald the penguin has had many faces over the years and this year, he’s getting another new look. But who is Oswald, and why is our mascot a penguin? Oswald the Blue Penguin began as a wooden penguin toy, belonging to the […]


Student Decorates Indy Magazines

By Luc Hoekstra – Campus Editor A Reason to Love Clark: Students know how to leave their mark. A dozen copies of the Independent’s sixth issue this year sat in the STEM Building news stand. One copy at the front is covered in pen-drawn illustrations, signed by Instagram user @ThatOneArtiste. […]