Author: Mary Guevara

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Home for the Holidays: Coping With Being Queer in a Religious Household

Editor’s note: This piece discusses self-harm and other sensitive topics.  The relationship between queer people and religion is not always an easy one to navigate. Often people who are born into religious households are left with traces of internalized heterosexism that follow them into adulthood.  Maddison Parks, a 17-year-old Clark […]

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Breaking Free: Jonathan Weaver’s “Anti-Blueprint Project” Challenges Traditional Working Lifestyles

The “Anti-Blueprint Project,” written by Jonathan Weaver, follows the stories of 50 people from all walks of life who escaped the cycle of the 9 to 5 lifestyle. Paired with portrait photography, the book encourages people to find what makes them happy and disregard societal expectations.  “A Letter to My […]