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Clark Offers a Space to Chill Out

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Before, between, or after class, every student needs a place to relax. 

Clark College’s student government and counseling center put together a space for students to chill out whenever they need an escape without having to leave campus. 

Once state and county COVID-19 regulations relaxed in the winter of 2021, college campuses saw students return to in-person classes. Although the ability to be social again returned, months of isolation and lingering fear of the virus caused anxiety on campus and in classrooms. 

Marianne Luther, the program coordinator for Clark College’s counseling and health center, noticed students often come to the counseling office for a quiet place to feel safe and decompress. 

While the counseling center’s lobby is a welcoming place to relax with school provided coloring books and snacks, sometimes a student needs more privacy. 

“The chill-out room is a place students can visit for a while if they are upset, over-stimulated, or just need a place to chill for a bit,” Luther said.

In the chill out room, there are several helpful items provided for students. The school provides a phone if a student needs to call a friend or crisis line for help, along with magazines to read, fidget toys and a massage chair for increased relaxation. This space can also be used as a lactation room, with a large sink and restroom nearby. 

Luther encourages any students who visit the counseling center to come to her for any questions. They can also inquire at the front desk about scheduling appointments with a counselor or doctor. Most important, she wants students to know the chill out room is available. 

“I want students to know this space is here for them to use,” said Luther. “School can be a hectic and stressful place, so we want to provide a kind of oasis for students.” 

The chill out room is in the Health Science Building room HSC-124 and is available to students Mondays through Thursdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Students should enter through the lobby of the counseling office and ask the front desk whether the room is available, or they can call ahead at (360) 992-2614.

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