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Clark Pupil Chronicles their Journey to Becoming a “Super Student”

(Crow Carrión by Claudia Carrión)


   As a student who spent the first two of my three years at Clark coming to campus only when necessary, I decided with graduation looming to explore the events campus has to offer. Challenging myself to attend all the events offered in a two week period, I transformed into a “super student.”    

     Through fresh eyes I now see that campus events are opportunities to spark new connections, discover talents, and develop creativity as a student.     

     Fifteen events happened during the self-imposed time frame from May 14 to the 28 and though I hoped to participate in them all, I could successfully attend seven. From one student to another, here are five of the activities I engaged in and the people I befriended along the way.    


Event 1: Spring Workshop


     There is nothing more satisfying to me than writing out my thoughts uninhibitedly. At Clark’s Spring Writing Workshop I felt comfortable writing spontaneously, surrounded by writers in all levels of proficiency. With the theme of “Writing as Community Practice,” the writing festival served as an opportunity for community members to hear from local authors and Clark faculty on different styles of writing. Workshops ran from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Penguin Union Building under the guidance of the English department. 

     One of the 12 lecturers coaxed attendees to get something down on paper about anything that came to mind. It could be written in the form of a list, essay or as a word map. 

     At the event students and staff sat and wrote together while speakers gave expert writing advice for free. I could not believe it – finally, an excellent English class I did not have to pay for.

     For information on the next literary event, email 


Event 2: STEM Nerd Girls and International Student Club


     On May 18, I got to attend two different tea parties held by the International Student Club and the STEM Nerd Girls. The International Student Club and the STEM Nerd Girls celebrated members of their clubs in two separate buildings, both enjoying tea, pastry, cookies, books, card games and other ventures.     

     Scheduled at almost the same time, madness ensued as I rushed across campus from one event to the other. 

     In the lower ground level of the Penguin Union Building next to the Archery Gallery, I strode into the room reserved for the International Student Club. Despite it being a small gathering of five people, there I discovered a variety of cultures and languages and welcoming smiles around the room. As an international student with both Spanish and Filipino heritage, I felt at home with the diverse group.

     Dinara Dursun, 24, the next president of the International Student’s Club, said the intense UNO game was the most memorable.   

     In the other building, the STEM Nerd Girls held a celebration for women in STEM organized by faculty, Clark alumni and the Clark College Foundation. With around 40 people attending, the event served as a networking opportunity for Nerd Girl club members. All ate and drank their fill of the salmon and cucumber sandwiches provided by students in Clark’s culinary program.   

     Kayley Judd is the president of the STEM Nerd Girls club. You can reach out to her to find out more about their events at   

     For more information on the International Student Club, email President Dinara Dursun at   


Event 3: Business vs. Human Resources Bake-off


     On May 19, both the business and human resource departments came together in a bake-off to be judged by Clark employees and student leaders. I came to this event ready to participate as a judge and help pick winners for the best dessert.

     Though I took being a critic seriously, trying out all of the desert was enjoyable and I had a hard time deciding which was the best treat. 

     Three tables sat filled with appealing delights. Everyone who worked in the Baird Building brought their desserts to the office fresh from home. Each judge ate a small piece from each item before we were asked to write down the given titles of our top three favorites. 

     I wrote:


  1. Death by Chocolate
  2. Tiramisu Coffee Chocolate
  3. Bacon and Tart 


     The final winner, Bacon and Tart, looked similar to a sliced pizza and did not taste anything like dessert. 


Event 4: Great Barrier Reef Magnet


     Rather than partaking in long nights and tireless traveling, Clark’s Activities and Programming Board brought the Great Barrier Reef to students’ homes through Zoom. Students who registered for the do-it-yourself event received an adorable package in the mail before the event on May 23. 

     The package contained beach sand, shells, corals and other decorative pieces. Hosts and students sat together over Zoom to create their own coral reef magnets in the comfort of their homes.

     Many students placed their personalized magnet on the fridge as decorative art and a reminder of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

     “Ever since the pandemic ended, we have been hosting our events in-person on campus,” said Corrie Schrader, event coordinator for the Activities and Programming Board. “But this event was made virtually to accomodate for everyone.” 

     The board’s goal is to design their activities around students’ schedules and preferences. 

     “I hope that more students check the penguin digest or the Clark events page, and attend more often in the future,” said Schrader. “We have been doing a lot of fun things this quarter and it’s a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones.”


Event 5: River Tree Paint Party


     As activity board members started to pull off the enormous brown paper covering each table, attendees laughed, conversing while thinking of things to paint. 

     The River Tree Paint Party took place in the Gaiser Student Center on May 24, hosted by the Activities and Programming Board.

     A professional artist played on a screen during the event, guiding students through drawing a Bob Ross themed picture. I took it upon myself to paint something different from the theme and illustrated a crow on a tree branch.

     This technique quickly drew other student’s attention and soon I found myself in a room full of new friendships.

     Contact Sami Lelo at for more information on events like this.


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