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Portland State Lowers Tuition for Washington Border Students

Portland State University’s mascot, Victor E. Viking, sits at a table with some students while he helps them study. (Courtesy of Patric Simon/Portland State University)

Students in Washington state can now add one more college to their list of schools offering affordable tuition: Portland State University.

Starting in fall 2022, those attending Portland State that live in one of 11 approved Washington counties will automatically receive a border discount tuition at only 10% higher than in-state tuition, $11,392 compared to in-state’s $10,386. Chuck Knepfle, vice president of enrollment management at PSU, noted that the change stemmed from a desire to remove a hurdle that hindered many students’ educational goals.

“We realized that we were discouraging students from taking full-time credit loads and therefore potentially hurting their ability to graduate,” Knepfle said.

Prior to the new discount rate, students attending PSU who lived in Washington could apply under the Washington Border Policy, which allowed students to be assessed for resident states at the university, but only if they enrolled part-time by taking eight credits or less. Under the new policy, current and incoming students are allowed to attend full time at the discounted rate and no additional application is required.

Knepfle said the Feb. 1 decision is three years in the making, inspired by one graduate student who wrote her thesis on why the university should consider updating their policy.

“I’d make sure that any student is weighing all their options,” Knepfle said when asked what his advice was for students considering PSU. “I’m certainly here to help people enroll in Portland State. But our school is here, in my opinion, to help people in Portland, and in Oregon and the counties in Washington, to go to college.”

For more information on the discount change and what it entails for transfer students, visit the Portland State University website.

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