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Free In-Person Legal Consultations Returns to Clark

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On April 13, Clark College reopened free legal consultations with legal attorney, Ed Dawson. Because of Covid-19, both Clark and Dawson could not have in- person meetings with prospective clients. 

According to Samantha Lelo, program support supervisor for Clark’s student life office, Dawson specializes in family law. He offers advice for parenting plans, child custody, divorce, landlord disputes and more. Dawson is multilingual and can speak German, Spanish, and English for students. 

Currently, these appointment slots are 30 minutes, but students are welcome to schedule another appointment the following week if they need additional time for questions. 

“Ed also volunteers for the volunteer lawyer program in downtown Vancouver. And so he will refer them to one of his colleagues and that’s also a free service for the students.” Said Lelo 

Clark college is working on promoting the service through the penguin digest, Clark College’s social media pages, bulletin boards around to school, and emails to professors to tell individual students. 

“We are hopeful that once a college opens up more that more students will have the opportunity to come on campus and participate in this” said Lelo 

To schedule an appointment, you can email studentlife@clark.Edu or book at Clark’s website. 

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