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Clark Updates In-Person Event Policies For Spring Term

Graphic by Mary Guevara

Following the recent update to the state and local health guidelines regarding COVID-19, besides being mask optional since March 4, Clark College now has larger in-person classes and now allows buffet dining again.

Higher education campuses in Washington state have been following COVID-19 guidelines since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020.  

Two years later, as infection numbers in the state decline and vaccination requirements are being met by those on campus, staff and students are seeing more faces since last term.

“The rules are lighter, there are less of them since winter,” said Clark’s Security Director Mike See. “For example, we had room capacities at 75% as set by the fire marshal before, and now they are at 100%.”

While classes are still available online, many in-person lessons returned to full capacity. Arts and sporting events are returning with safety precautions, and meal services are again being offered buffet style with gloves and hand sanitizer available.

In March, wearing a mask became optional outside of clinical and childcare class settings, although individuals were encouraged to wear masks indoors for the first two weeks of spring term to account for those who traveled prior to returning to campus. 

See encourages everyone on campus to use their best judgment regarding their safety and to respect those around them. 

“While the relaxed policies are a welcome change to most, there will be those not ready to stop wearing their mask,” said See. “Follow your instincts.”

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