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Clark College Foundation Names New CEO Calen Ouellette

New Clark College Foundation Chief Executive Officer Calen Ouellette (Photo by Calen Ouellette)

On March 31, the Clark College Foundation named Calen Ouellette as their new Chief Executive Officer. 

For the past two years, Ouellette worked as the Chief Advancement Officer at Los Angeles’ LGBT center. He has 17 years of experience in fundraising, and 13 years in senior management. 

“His background and his work aligned with our values and our mission to be more equitable,” Clark College President, Dr. Karin Edwards said. “He’s worked with different communities, and helped various populations, and so based on his previous experience, his personal values, [they] were things that, at least in my opinion, helped him get this job.” 

In the process of finding a new chief executive officer, after previous incumbent Lisa Gibert stepped down, Dr. Edwards helped by offering her input with what she thought would help the college’s future goals.

The Clark College Foundation helps support student success, with academic and scholarship programs in place, said Dr. Edwards. There are multiple scholarships available for different programs listed on Clark’s website.

When asked about how the new chief executive would affect Clark students, Dr. Edwards said, “In a lot of ways, he will have an impact on the college, but more specifically on helping students to be successful here.” 

Dr. Edwards noted that Ouellette’s work experience in different communities was something that stood out. Specifically, his strong fundraising and leadership skills.

“I look forward to working with him,” Dr. Edwards said. “His focus on and attention to equitable outcomes for everyone is important to me. And I think that is going to be helpful for the college.”

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