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Bookstore Plans to Continue Online

A sign outside the bookstore. (Claudia Carrion/The Indy)

After two long years of pandemic regulations, the bookstore staff are now thinking of permanently relegating purchases to their online store.

This is especially important for students rushing to get class materials, who will no longer have the freedom to purchase textbooks in-person at the last minute.

Dan Ellerston, 31, Cashier Supervisor at Clark’s bookstore said that buying online was an option that students looked forward to years prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. “Online buying was an option for students to skip the line,” he said. 

The first week of school is always the busiest, with the bookstore packed with over a hundred students at a time. Because of this influx of students, online buying became a necessity for many people.

Despite these inconveniences during the pre-pandemic era, students enjoyed buying other school supplies while at the bookstore. 

“The folks who were here pre-pandemic were especially grateful for the short line, as they remember the lines of hundreds of people at the start of the term,” said Ellerston. “It is for certain that we will be selling textbooks online for the summer term as well.”

Ellerston and his team are accommodating students as they work openly with those without a credit card or a form of payment needed for an online transaction. 

The cashiers at the bookstore allow cash payments for those unable to purchase their textbooks online. 

The Indy will publish new information once more details come to light.

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