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Concert Choir Presents “I Am Possibility”

Gathered at Trinity Lutheran Church on March 5 Clark’s concert choir delivered a joyous setlist of songs.

Directed by Clark music professor Jacob Funk, the event was free and open to the public.

Before the performance, bass member Trevor Stowell spoke briefly to The Indy.

“Yeah, I’m excited, we’re all feeling good none of us are having doubts about any of our pieces,” said Stowell. “We’re super confident that we can deliver a really solid performance. Not just getting the notes right but really getting the audience emotionally invested. I think we’re all excited to do that.”

Sydney Martinez poses refreshed after her performance. (Mary Guevara/The Indy)
 Among the crowds awaiting the performance, soprano Sydney Martinez found herself elated to be at the church.

“I love performing in churches! It’s so beautiful,” said Martinez.

Following a welcome speech from Funk who introduced accompanying pianist, Dr. Jeongmi Yoon. The choir began the performance with “Jubilate Deo” composed in 1961.


You can listen to a clip from ‘Jubilate Deo’ above

As their voices carried, families pulled out their cameras to catch the perfect video of their loved ones.

Before the two final songs, addressed the crowd stating that “I am Possibility” and “Threads of Joy” are pieces spun from the same spool. They contrast each other and “showcase the journey through darkness into light.” 

Funk explained that this piece takes you through the darkness to find joy. “Threads of Joy” a piece composed in 1987 by Dale Trumborewas directly after “I Am Possibility” written in 2018 by a good friend of the Clark choir, David von Kampen.


You can listen to a clip from ‘I am Possibility’ and ‘Threads of Joy’ below:


Funk continued his speech by urging the audience to listen to the music, feel the crescendos, downward spirals, and truly be one with the choir.

After finishing their second in-person performance, a flurry of applause echoed through the pews and the choir had a moment to breathe. The family waited patiently for their loved ones and friends.

Sydney Low poses with Kaylee Low who also performed on March 4.

Choir student Sydney Low said she felt tired and very excited for what is to come. It was a change from her first quarter with Funk that was all about preparing for this concert and those to come.

“I feel very tired but also very happy and relieved that we got it done. You know winter is kind of a tough quarter and I feel like we did a lot especially [since] we lost a week of rehearsals with Dr. Funk because of COVID-19 so I feel like we did really well,” said Low

For more information about all the Clark College Music Department concerts including the orchestra, concert band, jazz ensemble, and choirs, visit arts and events. 

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