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Orchestra Closes Out Winter Quarter In Upcoming Performance

With a rare sunny winter day on Clark’s main campus, the reminder for the performance blends in just right. (Mary Guevara/The Indy)

The Clark College orchestra’s quarter-closing performance will take place March 13  at 7:30 pm at Skyview High School under the direction of Director Don Appert. This event is free and open to the public, although donations to Clark’s music department will be accepted.

Third-quarter orchestra student Georg Jarell believes that this is a perfect chance for anyone to attend.

“We will be playing some of the more popular repertoire that’s out there,” Jarell said. “The music is very accessible and very enjoyable to anyone. You don’t have to know complex theory or be trained in classical music to appreciate these works.”

Jarell, who is playing both bassoon and double bass at the concert, offered some advice for those attending. 

“Some things to listen for in Beethoven are his obsessions over certain rhythms. The Beethoven is a dense piece that to me is very Regal,” said Jarell. “[Mozart] is very mischievous and of a lighter nature. The Milhaud piece is very humorous and has many sections of bitonality and Brazilian rhythms which creates a lot of interesting dissonances and energy. It’s going to be a great concert!” 

For more information about the upcoming event, visit events at Clark. General information for Clark’s music department concerts including the orchestra, concert band, jazz ensemble, and choirs, visit arts and events.

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