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Clark Investigates Financial Aid Fraud in Online Courses

Photo courtesy Clark College

On Feb. 14, Vice President of Student Instruction Paul Wickline sent out an email alerting Clark faculty and staff to financial aid fraud believed to have occurred in some of Clark’s online classes.

According to the email, fraudulent activity in online courses can look like students who turn in questionable work, such as submitting assignments under someone else’s name or posting unrelated material to a discussion board. 

Dr. Michele Cruse, Clark’s vice president of student affairs, sent out a statement on March 4 regarding the suspected fraud. 

“With Clark’s student-centered approach, staff make every effort to personally contact students to correct documentation or to inquire why they have missed significant class time, which can be signs of a fraudulent application.”

Cruse noted that Clark is currently coordinating with state authorities and the Department of Education in their investigation of a fraud ring suspected to span across multiple states. Due to the ongoing investigation, the college said they are unable to provide further details regarding the suspected cases of fraud at this time.

Students and teachers who see questionable or suspicious activity in their online courses are encouraged to fill out Clark’s incident report form


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