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ASCC Gains New President As Fall Quarter Comes to a Close

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The Associated Students of Clark College or ASCC began the 2021-2022 school year without an official president but with vice president Claudia Carrion who in addition to her vice president duties, attended board meetings and handled most of the president’s tasks. But recently, new hire Xander Hawkins was introduced as ASCC president.

Courtesy of Xander Hawkins


Hawkins, who is a running start student and senior at Mountain View High School initially applied to become ASCC’s new Civics and Sustainability Director but was instead accepted as President of ASCC.

Hawkins was surprised but thrilled when he heard the news. While his presidential duties are still being covered by Carrion during the fall term due to internal paperwork, Hawkins cannot wait to spring into action. 

“I decided to apply for a number of reasons. I knew it was time to get a job, but I wanted to find one that allowed me to have a positive impact on the world,” said Hawkins. 

Courtesy of Casey Figone

As Hawkins settled in, Clark student Casey Figone also began as Student Relations and Promotions Coordinator for ASCC. Figone was more than ready to begin yet found himself nervous and wondering whether he was finding himself in the right role. 

“While a little nervous, I’m very excited to be in this position and I feel that I can fit into it very well,” said Figone. 

Figone mentioned his life hasn’t changed as most of his social life has been moved online. Hawkins however says his life changed for the better and enjoys the fact that his “class schedules (and other jobs, where applicable) are taken as priorities when we set the term schedule, and weekends/holidays are completely respected,” by ASCC. 

Both Figone and Hawkins are excited, energized, and ready to help their community. 

“I want to help the ASCC in Clark’s ideals of diversity and community. While I don’t have any exact goals for my time in the student government, I know that I’m interested in giving back to Clark however I can,” said Figone. 

“I felt like government needed someone who would prioritize reaching out to people and making appearances to improve student awareness of the programs available to them and the leaders advocating for them,” said Hawkins. 

Courtesy of Olivia Volk

Mountain View High School Running Start student Olivia Volk has begun this year as ASCC Executive Assistant. She has found her place here at Clark and says it provides the feeling of belonging her older sister Abigal Volk, spoke so passionately about.

“My sister was a Clark ambassador for many years. During that time and now she raved about Clark being like a family to her,” said Volk. “With this, I wanted to join ASCC because I knew I would feel that same family-like environment while being able to manage my student schedule and a job.”

Volk has many hopes for her time here at Clark but increasing involvement means the most. 

“I hope to get as many of my fellow running start students involved in Clark’s clubs and events as we have planned,” said Volk. 

For more information on any remaining open positions, you can email Sarah Gruhler at For more information regarding ASCC events and activities, you can visit the ASCC student government webpage. 


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