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ASCC Thrives Despite Low Staffing

With positions still needing to be filled, there has never been a better time to join the student government at Clark College.

ASCC board outside the PUB building. [Photo courtesy Russell Flight]
The Associated Students of Clark College is the student government organization at the college. The organization is responsible for representing the student body in various meetings and engages with the Clark College Board of Trustees.

The organization has a room in the Penguin Union Building room 160, but hosts most events in front of Gaiser Hall, at Andersen Fountain.

Claudia Carrion is the vice president of the ASCC. Carrion has been vice president of the organization since June 2021. The vice president is responsible for promoting engagement and assigning other members to committees. 

Claudia Carrion [Photo courtesy the ASCC]
When asked why she wanted to be in student government, “I wanted to serve, and understand students and government better,” said Carrion.

Eric Hoth is the finance director for ASCC. Hoth has been finance director since June 2021. The finance director position is primarily concerned with appropriately dividing funding among the various organizations, groups, and activities for the student body.

“I had an interest in politics and government, and math came easy growing up,” said Hoth. 

Sarah Gruhler is the director of student life at the college. As a function of that position Gruhler is also the ASCC student government advisor, and has held the position for the last 11 years. Gruhler described the nature of her job as giving advice to the members, explaining previous decisions in years past, and providing guidelines for possible changes the members may wish to make. 

Eric Hoth [Photo courtesy the ASCC]
“I love seeing students grow,” said Gruhler. “It’s different every year, and that’s fun.”    

Sarah Gruhler [Photo courtesy the ASCC]
Several positions within the ASCC are expected to be filled shortly, but a couple positions remain open. The civics and sustainability director, along with the executive assistant position, are both still available for any interested student.

The civics and sustainability director oversees the organization’s civic engagement. A major part of the position is helping to organize the Penguin Pantry program. The pantry provides monthly food boxes to Clark students that want them, and connects students with other available resources.

The executive assistant serves as a non-voting recorder for multiple committees. The position oversees and distributes meeting minutes and all other records documentation for the organization.

If a student would like to learn more or to apply to an open position, they can visit the ASCC Student Government Application page.

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