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Historical Mystery Haunts Downtown Vancouver

Hauntings come and go, some mysteries are never truly solved, but our history remains. 

Clark County Historical Museum is hosting its annual Haunted Walking Tours this fall for the ninth time since the museum started the tour in 2012. The tour occurs at 6 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays through the month of October. 

Starting at the Clark County Historical Museum in downtown Vancouver, this year the tour focuses on unexplained stories along Main Street and Washington Street.

Turtle Place, formerly JJ Beauregards Haven, is one of the stops along the tour. [Photo by Russell Flight, the Indy]
There are tales of family members who are lost and will never return, unexplained sights and sounds, false walls that hide old secrets, and older truths. Be prepared for some walking and some history that the schoolbooks won’t tell you.

If someone is interested in walking the haunted tour, they can find registration and more information on the museum’s website. Tickets sell out quickly, but other events happen throughout the year as well.

Spirit Tales of the Vancouver Barracks is also happening this season, and the History on Tap series is back at the Kiggins Theater. Speaker series begin again in November. 

Centurion, another historical marker along the walk. [Photo by Russell Flight, the Indy
April Buzby, the outreach and public programs manager for the museum, was excited to bring the tours back to in-person after many museum events had been held virtually or postponed due to COVID-19.

When asked what her favorite part of the tour was, Buzby responded that she liked being able to show this side of the research to people. 

“We can find stories we’ve lost about our past,” said Buzby.

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