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Clark College Bookstore Welcomes a Ban on Plastic Bags


Penguin with tote bag surrounded by paper bag and reusable plastic bag. Forest green background. Meant to illustrate Clark students being more environmentally cautious.
Graphic by Mary Guevara

As of October 1st 2021, single-use plastic bags are no longer available to Clark College Bookstore customers, in accordance with the statewide ban to help reduce pollution. The bookstore instead offers environmentallyconscious reusable bags. 

According to state law, bags provided by businesses and restaurants must be made of “40% recycled content” and must be visibly shown on the bag, which includes plastic and paper bags. While the ban is fairly new, the bookstore is adapting and applauds the state for its dedication to the environment.

“We’re very happy that we’re actually finally doing this,” said Bookstore Cashier Supervisor Dan Ellerston. “Oregon and California have already been doing this and Washington has been talking about this for quite some time,” said Ellerston.

Reusable plastic bags are available for purchase for 8 cents. The bookstore is also offering more durable tote bags starting at $1.95.

For more information about Washington state’s plastic ban, you can visit the state’s ecology website. The state also offers ADA accommodations for the ban.

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