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Student Sketch: Student Starts Environmental Action Club to Encourage More Eco-Friendly Practices

Chloe Marshall, 19, is scared for her future.

Marshall has wanted to take action to help combat the climate crisis, but for quite a while, she didn’t know where to begin. By starting the Environmental Action Club at Clark College this year, Marshall intends to create a space where anyone can take action and advocate.

Marshall (left) poses with the other co-president, Katelyn Sedig (right), next to their Involvement Fair poster which drew in a multitude of students who signed the divestment petition. (Photo provided by Chloe Marshall)

“We’re a club dedicated to shifting the tide from climate change awareness to action.” Marshall says. “We want to take real, dedicated steps to fighting the climate crisis.”

The Environmental Action Club first started spreading the word about their ideas at the Involvement Fair at Clark College on Sept. 22.

At the fair, Marshall, the co-president, put out the club’s petition, to encourage students to support their campaign to have the Clark College Foundation, an organization that donates funds to Clark College, officially disclose how they are spending their money. Specifically, regarding the fossil fuel industry.

The foundation is a non-profit that receives funds from Clark College alumni as well as other individuals and organizations. When asked whether they are investing in the fossil fuel industry, the foundation responded by saying they will be providing that information in the near future. 

The Environmental Action Club wants a definitive answer, and a change in spending. The club’s solution to the problem is divestment.

“Most universities are giving money to the fossil fuel industry, so we want to make sure they [Clark] aren’t doing that.” Marshall says. “And if they are, we want to encourage them to divest.”

Marshall is finishing up her associate degree at Clark this term, but she is aiming to get the club chartered.

“If you are interested in preserving your future, if you are afraid of climate change, if you want to help but you don’t know where to start, this is a really good place to start.” says Marshall.

More information about the Environmental Action Club and their activities can be found on their website. You can contact Chloe Marshall at (360)-448-5448 or at

The Indy interviewed Marshall during the first week of fall term to hear from students as Clark resumed in-person classes. Other articles can be found in our Student Sketch series.

Correction: An earlier version of this story said that the Clark College Foundation declined to disclose whether it invested in the fossil fuel industry. The foundation has not yet provided that information. The Indy regrets this error.

Update Oct. 21: On Oct. 14, the foundation gave the Indy a statement that they have no direct investment in the fossil fuel industry. However, they said that there may be indirect investments.

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