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You Can Run For Charity or You Can Run For Beer

Photo by Russ Flight

Running under the tree cover of Franklin Street, I was unaware of the beauty that the waterfront held in store for me. Following behind some fellow runners, it was nice being in a position to wave at the oncoming runners on their way back to the starting line.

The Oregon Brewery Running Series is a yearly event series that features five-kilometer runs for local charities. The runs are hosted at local breweries in and around the Portland metro area all throughout the spring and summer.

The mission of the Oregon Brewery Running Series is to get people to, “be active, have fun, and give back,” according to their website. The event also helps attract business for local businesses and was an excellent excuse to kick off my summer fitness after a long and frustrating pandemic.

I attended a race hosted by Trap Door Brewery on Saturday, whose route was from the brewery on Main Street all the way to the Vancouver Waterfront and back. 

The Oregon Brewery Running Series is run by co-founders Nathan Freeburg and Drew Klinsing, who have a mutual love for beer and running. They decided to take this mutual love and create a charitable event.

Carey Jones and Missy Borgaard, enthusiastic event attendees, were two people I met at the event. 

“Drew and Nate are great; these are the best runs ever,” said Jones. “Sometimes there’s live music, it’s just awesome.” 

After the run, I had the most sour beer of my life and ran into Jones again. We chatted about how we enjoyed the run and our day.  

“Such good people and these events are always really great,” said Borgaard. 

With more runs scheduled for late June and most Saturdays of July and August, anyone can jump back into fitness this summer with the Oregon Brewery Running Series.

For more details visit the Oregon Brewery Running Series website.

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