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Clark College Honor Society Phi Theta Kappa Partners with Penguin Pantry to Provide an Uplifting Surprise

Graphic by Mary Guevara

Clark’s Honor Society Phi Theta Kappa added care packages in last week’s Penguin Pantry food boxes in an attempt to raise awareness for mental health.

The care packages were the result of months of research and meetings. They included a map of walking trails in Vancouver, temporary tattoos, a sticker, adult coloring book and pencils, flyers with information for Counseling and Health services on campus and ASCC Mental Health Week events, as well as an uplifting letter. 

“College students are already susceptible to poor mental health. Their social support system was taken away from them during COVID,” said Phi Theta Kappa Vice President of Public Relations Montzerrat Pantoja. “Students are feeling frustrated and feeling lonely because of isolation.” 

Being a student herself, Pantoja wonders if the quality of her education is being affected by the unconventional state of the world. She asks herself, “Am I even learning anything?”

Drawing from their own experiences, both Pantoja and Phi Theta Kappa President, Isabel Henkes, organized these care packages as a way for students to feel connected to their surroundings and the community. 

“We want to let these students know they are supported,” said Henkes. 

These care packages are a one-time occurrence and both Henkes and Pantoja wish they could do more things like this for the Clark community. 

“We wanted to make these care packages for students with the intention of making them feel connected to the students and their school. Make them smile,” said Pantoja.

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