ASCC’s Japanese Program Hosts an Intro to Kimonos Zoom Event

(Courtesy of ASCC Japanese Program)

ASCC is hosting an event with Takako Elting to learn about Japanese kimonos on May 28 from 4-5 p.m. 

The event is part of an ongoing series on Japanese culture. Elting is the founder of the Portland Japanese Kimono club. As a certified Kimono instructor, Elting hosts regular workshops on Japanese traditional clothing. 

Japanese professor Michiyo Okuhara was one of the coordinators of the event. Okuhara says it’s been a challenge to engage students in virtual events. While on campus, they could interact with students by giving free Japanese food. Okuhara noted those incentives helped draw in engagement. When remote operations began, Okuhara took to Zoom to try and draw in students. 

“This was not only for Clark members, we wanted to share [with community members]. On Zoom, everyone can join and there’s no limit,” said Okuhara. 

As Clark hopes to move to in-person learning in the future, Okuhara wants to continue the series. She noted however, that a major drawback has been funding. “The ASCC budget was denied, I just finished the appealing process but I have not heard back from them,” said Okuhara. Okuhara says whatever final decision the ASCC comes to, she plans to collaborate with them. 

“I hope more students, faculty, and staff learn about Japanese culture and have a better understanding of different cultures,” said Okuhara.

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