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Student Artists Render Earth Day Awareness

“I used Prismacolor pencils, which meant many hours of layering color with patience and meditation” – Gwendolyn Dallum, “Calm Waters”

In an effort to promote environmental awareness through a new, unique format, the ASCC is showcasing a variety of student’s Earth Day themed art. Each year people around the world recognize Earth Day as a time to initiate support for the environment.

“Clark College was gifted with beautiful cherry trees. These trees provide the campus with clean air, provide shelter and food for insects/animals, as well as provide a relaxing environment” – Hallie Morris, “Gift of the Cherry Trees”

The art pieces are a result of a collaborative Earth Day challenge put on by Clark College, Washington State University and Lower Columbia College. 

Art submitted by Clark students consisted of pieces by Gwendolyn Dallum, Hallie Morris and Maritza Herrera. Drawings, paintings or any other form of 2-dimensional art were accepted.

Despite the challenge of putting on an event while Clark’s campus is still in remote operations, ASCC President, Josiah Joner, is pleased with the results of their first Earth Day art challenge.

“Though it was really tricky on a lot of fronts, I’m really happy we were able to collaborate with other colleges’ student leaders,” Joner said. “I’m hoping we can continue to build on that relationship and continue something like this in future years.”

“Perry Clark the Penguin is a clay penguin that I made myself. I wanted him to be a symbol of encouragement to us Clark College staff, students, family and friends to enjoy the beautiful rivers, trails and breathtaking landscapes that the Earth has provided us.” – Maritza Herrera, “Perry the Clark Penguin’s Earth Day Adventure”

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