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Farm Days Showcases Country Living

The Pomeroy Barn. The farm was initially established in 1920. (Midori Davis/ The Independent)


Wrapped around a ring of mountainous forest, a flat outcropping sits in beautiful Yacolt. On this pristine land sits a very old and famous property, Pomeroy Farms. With the mission to inform and showcase the lifestyle and boost the local economy, “Farm Days” was born. 

Alpaca eating in its pen. The Farm Days event has animal petting, goats, alpaca, horses and sheep. (Midori Davis/ The Independent)

The Pomeroys’ moved to the area in 1910 and by 1920 had established their largest structure, the barn. The family created a nonprofit organization of the historic Pomeroy Farm in 1989 intended to educate school kids on the experience of 1920s farm life. 

Starting last year, the nonprofit began hosting Farm Days. The Farm Days experience is an opportunity to learn about traditional farming life. The event also hosts a food cart, live music, animal petting as well as local vendors that sell arts and crafts and other farm life or traditional goods.

The farm is designed to be specialized in pre-electric 1920s farm life, formed to give exposure to farm animals, recycling, self-sufficiency and living off the land. 

The Farm Days events are held the first weekend of each month starting in May and continues until the first weekend in August. Maura Todd, the marketing and events coordinator, as well as a fifth-generation Pomeroy, explained that they will also be open for the first weekend in October this year.

“We want to be here for our community and want the community to help us,” Todd said. “It’s a great opportunity to share with your family, get outdoors and enjoy this place.”

1958 CASE Tractor. Tractor plaque reads: “Our CASE Tractor is a 1958 model. In addition to being an all-purpose tractor, this machine was also used to run belt-driven machinery like our buzzsaw and thresher!” (Midori Davis/ The Independent)


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