Clark College Launches New Online Degree Program this Fall

Clark College is launching a new online degree program this fall that will offer 15 degree majors in various fields of study. 

Previously Clark had only offered three fully online degree or emphasis area offerings. 

Communications professor at Clark Molly Lampros said the new online offerings are not due to COVID-19 but rather a response to student needs. 

“Many students have shifted from traditional face-to-face courses to online work, and are now really comfortable in that space,” Lampros said. “So, it provides an opportunity for students who aren’t comfortable traveling to campus or being in person, because they are fully online degrees.”

Lampros said that this is the highest level of education a student can get because, student courses for each degree will be planned using a course “map” meaning that students will be taking classes that matter to their area of study exclusively.

“The courses in the online degree programs have gone through the Quality Matters review process,” Lampros said. “It’s a peer review process, where a team of subject matter experts and experts in online pedagogy review a course to make sure that all of the activities, assignments and learning objectives align.”

“So, in layman’s terms, no busywork,” Lampros added.

As a part of the online degree program, Clark will be offering Associate of Arts-DTAs in communications, Spanish, English, history, sociology, psychology, Women’s studies and more. 

Students who are enrolled or have indicated interest in a degree program have priority seating and will not have to worry about not getting into or being waitlisted for their required classes. 

Students who are interested in enrolling or learning more about a degree can email A degree representative and advisor will then reach out to them to answer any questions and help students onto the right path.

Lampros said the online degree program aligns with Clark’s mission as a community college.

“It goes back to that idea that we don’t want to waste your money or your time. This program is really exciting because we are giving back, we have indicated this is what people want. They want an online degree, and they want the ability to be at home and work at their own pace,” Lampros said.

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