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Vancouver Regional Library Opens to The Public Once Again

(Photo by Paige Evans)

The Vancouver Regional Library opened its doors in selected locations to the public on April 1.

Annika Robbins, the downtown Vancouver library’s senior public services librarian, said that they have made changes to library proceedings in order to accommodate COVID-19 protocol. 

Visitors to the library can now use library computers and printers, grab books on hold, browse the shelves and much more.

“We now have computer access for the public, which is something that has been in high demand and [we haven’t been] able to accommodate until now,” Robbins said.  “We understand that it’s a vital service for those who don’t always have computer and internet services.”

The operation hours for each location are different, so Robbins recommends going on the library website to find library hours or schedule an appointment. Patrons are not required to make an appointment, but it is recommended since they are operating at limited capacity. 

Appointments are in 30 minute blocks and Robbins stressed that the library experience is still not back to normal. 

At the beginning of the pandemic, when there was uncertainty about when the world would reopen, the library started a mailing service. Robbins said that they will continue to be providing that service to the public.

[Patrons] place a book on hold, and instead of picking a library to get the book from, [they] choose the mailing service,” Robbins said. “Which means we will send [the books] to our mail distribution and they will mail them out to the patrons.”

Robbins said the staff is excited for the public to enter the library once again, after all this time.

“Another strength to the library is the connection to the community,” Robbins said. “[Interacting] with the community was sorely missed over the closure, and it’s been missing until we reopened.”

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