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Live Music Springs Back Into Downtown Vancouver

Local musician Jeremiah Lehman performed at Brickhouse in Downtown Vancouver on April 12. “I think that this is the tonic our society needs,” Lehman said.

Now that the weather’s warming up and people are getting vaccinated, live music is making a long awaited return to local venues. Guitarist and vocalist Jeremiah Lehman is one of many local performers excited to get back on the stage. 

On April 12, Jeremiah Lehman performed for the first time in 14 months at downtown Vancouver restaurant Brickhouse in the establishment’s outside tented seating area. 

As coronavirus restrictions remain very present, Brickhouse co-owner Stephen Deans collaborated with Lehman to create a comfortable and COVID-conscious space for the outdoor event.

“My primary stipulation was to be outside,” Lehman said. “I think this actually opened up the audience to more people than if I would’ve played inside.” 

As live music resumes, musicians and venues will have to continue working together and stay up to date regarding Phase 3’s performing arts requirements. Regulations include six-feet of distance between groups, and 20 feet between artists and the audience if the artist doesn’t wear a mask. Brickhouse has not yet scheduled any other performances.

Lehman said he plans to wait until he is fully vaccinated before booking any indoor events. 

Lehman played and sang for a little under two hours while people ate, drank and soaked up the live music. 

 “I think that this is the tonic that our society needs,” Lehman said. “And I’m very happy to be a part of that.” 

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