Operation City Quest Offers Exciting Downtown Scavenger Hunt

(Photo by Gracie Newberry)

As we enter our second spring and summer in the pandemic, I know I am not the only one who is antsy to get out of the house. However, finding outdoor activities that are COVID safe as well as social has been an exhausting task. 

While searching for activities to do in Downtown Vancouver, I stumbled upon Operation City Quest, a virtual scavenger hunt that takes participants on a wild goose chase around their local city. 

The scavenger hunt premise is simple; first participants are given places or objects to search for through the “GooseChase” app, such as a local newspaper stand, statue, fire station and more.

Once the location or object has been found, participants are given a challenge or photo prompt. Such prompts include pretending to be zoo animals, doing yoga poses, dancing, singing or taking a selfie with an object. 

There are 60 total challenges and photo prompts that participants are encouraged to finish in under two hours. Each challenge or photo requires “evidence” that is submitted through the app in the form of a photo or video. 

My partner and I began the hunt on a sunny Friday afternoon and decided to do most of our scavenging at the Vancouver Waterfront. The open ended prompts allowed us to dictate how we wanted to explore the city. While playing, we were able to scout out new restaurants, shops and hangout spots for future downtown adventures. 

We took our time playing the game, so it took us over two hours to complete. However, a more competitive group could easily finish in under two hours.  

Tickets for the original version of the scavenger hunt cost $20 per person. There are also other versions of the game, such as the Birthday version or the Bachelorette version, that cost $22 per person and offer additional specialty challenges. Keep in mind that you will have to pay for parking downtown if playing during the week. 

After purchasing tickets and receiving a game code, all participants have to do is enter their game code into the app to begin playing. The game never expires and can be completed in as much time as needed. 

To purchase tickets, click here.

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