Clark ASCC Members Reflect on the Past School Year

One of the many challenges student government leaders have faced this year has been adapting to an online environment. Along with school, it isn’t uncommon for many ASCC members to also work and participate in other extracurricular activities. 

ASCC Executive Assistant Delainey Phelps is a prime example of this. On top of being a part of ASCC and going to school full time, Phelps plays volleyball during her free time. “It takes a lot of work to truly balance the life of being a student with all the activities that many of us participate in,” Phelps said. 

ASCC Student Body President Josiah Joner reflected on this school year, he said one of the biggest challenges he faced this school year has been student engagement. “It’s been a long time to be away from in-person interactions,” he said.

Another challenge has been the pressure that comes with being high school seniors that have hit Joner. “There’s so much stuff I could do, but I don’t have a lot of time and you’re limited to what you work with and do with school,” Joner said.

Some of the best memories high school students have happen during their senior year. Unfortunately, Phelps also said she’s been unable to participate in most of them due to the pandemic.

ASCC Club Coordinator Mila Smook says that even months into online learning it’s been an adjustment to have to do everything remotely. “I have seven siblings so our house is loud,” Smook said. “It’s a challenge for both school and work meetings to find the time and space to make sure I don’t get distracted.”  

Something that’s helped both Joner and Smook has been knowing what to prioritize whether it be school, work or outside activities. 

Despite the hardships they’ve gone through, Smook says she’s grateful for the learning experience that being in student government has given her. “It’s been really amazing to just meet so many people who are doing things that they love and realize the range of possibilities for your own future,” she said.

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