Clark Hosts Live Event with Mind Reader Eric Dittelman

(Eric Dittelman/ The Indy)

Clark’s APB welcomed acclaimed mind-reader, Eric Dittelman for a virtual mind reading event on March 4. 

Dittelman has made appearances in several shows including America’s Got Talent and the Ellen Show. He has been described as “borderline genius” by American magicians and comedians Penn & Teller.  

The event was entirely interactive so Clark students and community members could participate by either live chat, zoom rooms, or by calling in. If chosen to be part of the livestream, Dittelman would then practice mind tricks on the volunteer.

One of the volunteers was Joanne Savage, a program specialist at Clark who was asked to guess the passcode to Dittelman’s phone. Dittelman asked Savage to imagine a spinning wheel of numbers, then when he said stop to imagine the wheel landing on a number. Without any prior knowledge of who he was, Savage ended up unlocking his phone with these numbers.

Another participant was Laurel Tygart, who was asked to pick a number between 1-100 with each number corresponding to a film. After Tygart chose 11, Dittelman revealed that the number corresponded to the film Tygart was most interested in watching, Jaws. Not only that, but it was then shown the film was spelled out in the backdrop the entire showtime.    

(Eric Dittelman / The Indy)

The last act of the show was when Dittelman brought previous video participants who had each been asked one question. They were then asked to reveal their answers and surprisingly, Dittelman had already guessed and written each of their answers on a sheet of paper.

(Eric Dittelman / The Indy)

Fortunately, the event had a great turnout with a number of Clark students and community members attending.

“I do want to thank Clark College and everyone who brought me in to perform, the best thing you can do to support them is to continue to continue going to the events they put on because it is for you and bringing your college together,” said Dittelman.


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