What is Clark Entrepreneurs? The Pitch Fest Info Session Answers Precisely That

(Mary Guevara/ Clark Indy)

The Clark Entrepreneurs hosted a virtual Pitch Fest Info Session on Feb. 5. The live session was meant to update viewers on what the Clark Entrepreneurs are doing moving forward.

This year is the first time Clark Entrepreneurs have opened the Pitch Fest, which features student business pitches,  to the community. Nathan Webster, program director of Clark Entrepreneurs, hopes this creates the opportunity for a larger conversation within the Southeast Washington community about having a more competitive and collaborative spirit around entrepreneurship.

“As a business owner, the struggle is hard to scale and evolve,” Webster said. “With the changes this past year, we have only gotten better to reach the students who want to start, grow and sustain their efforts.”

This will be Webster’s last year with the program.

Clark Entrepreneurs was started in 2016 by a handful of inspired and hard-working students who wanted more in their college experience. The purpose of the group was to invite anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset.  Before 2020, the Pitch Fest was held in-person privately, but they had to go virtual this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

You can find more information about Clark Entrepreneurs here.


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