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“The Bear Game”: Running Start Student and Friends Take Advantage of Spare Time

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With almost a whole year of the pandemic under our belts, people are struggling to find hobbies that keep them occupied.

For Union High School seniors Austin Lee, Colton Harris, Steven Nguyen and Clark Running Start student Joshua Helm, their fun summer project “The Bear Game” brought more attention than they anticipated. 

“We usually have a summer project but this one just got bigger than usual,” Lee said. 

“The Bear Game” began as a small game played with index cards by Nguyen, Harris and Lee in June. Once people outside of their circle starting showing interest in their game, they decided to start designing it to sell. Put simply, the goal of the game is to be the first player to gather 12 cards or be the last player standing. 


From index cards to cards they can shuffle, “The Bear Game” has evolved over the few months of production.

Nguyen worked with his aunt to create art for their cards, Harris developed the game mechanics and wrote the rules, Helm took over marketing and sales and Lee focused on the overall card design and managing the team. Now the quartet, otherwise known as “The Bear Team,” had more than enough time to get to work. 

The team worked in phases, starting with designing the cards and sending them to be made. The second phase consisted of evolving their card design, refining their design process and pitching their product to local businesses.

“I think a big part [of why people were supportive] is because it doesn’t look like we just printed it at home, or drew it up,” Nguyen said. “It looks professionally manufactured.”

By successfully dividing their time between education, their own passions and extra curricular activities, The Bear Team have created a following that can expect more quality products in the future. 

The Bear Team encourages other people who are passionate about creating to continue working towards their goals. 

“It’s about understanding that passion is accessible to reach,” Helm said.

Learn more about The Bear Team:


Instagram: @threefreetreesofficial

Twitter: @ThreeFreeTreess

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