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No Cold Chicks: Preparing a Coop for Winter

As a cold wind cut across the land, I realized many projects still remained and winter was coming.

Many outdoor animals have a tough time in the colder winter months. To ensure the safety of these animals, their enclosure must be winterized. 

Winterizing is the process in which a structure is better protected from the cold elements using insulation and other weatherproofing materials.

My chickens reside in a homemade chicken coop made from the back of a shed. As a relatively recent addition, this coop isn’t even a year old.  I decided that it was time to winterize their home.

The best weatherproofing for this is insulated batting, the paper-backed pink foamy fiberglass material. However, that can quickly become expensive. The easiest insulator is air trapped between wood, which can slow the temperature change of the air inside from the outside, which is the technique I used.

Using material on hand, I began to secure three-fourths inch plywood to the inside of the structure, using a circular saw or cuts and an electric drill to secure screws into the existing wooden two by four studs. I also needed an oscillating tool for all the technical or odd-angle cuts needed to enclose the chickens’ “room.”

“I am impressed with how little resources can make the difference and improve the lives of my chickens,” said Megan Mulsoff, my partner and the proud owner of this revamped chicken coop.

This is not a world-class, five-star hotel living arrangement, but this greatly improves the lives of these working animals.

“That’s some coop,” Lyla Brown said, my partners daughter and the other proud owner of the coop.


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