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Clark College Young Artists Earn $12,000 in Scholarships Despite Pandemic

The Clark College Art Department has awarded 13 students their 2020-2021 Art Scholarship Awards totaling $12,000. Meanwhile, Clark art staff are struggling with online teaching, and are impressed with their students’ resilience.

Contestants submitted portfolios that were modeled after professional art applications, including six art pieces with a written portion discussing each of them, according to Grant Hottle, a Clark art professor, and scholarship judge.

Contestants were scored and ranked based on creativity, originality, sensitivity to materials, design and focus, Hottle said. In the end, the scholarships were distributed based on merits like students’ GPA and how many credits each student has.

Students were also given the opportunity to speak to Hottle over Zoom to discuss their portfolios and get help making important decisions about their artwork.

Many of the art professors at Clark are finding creative ways to teach students during COVID-19. Hottle holds Zoom calls where he does demonstrations for his students, as well as Canvas discussions for peer reviews.

“It’s tough to teach what is a physical, practical discipline when we’re in a virtual space,” Hottle said. “We faculty are using a huge variety of methods to do that. For instance, I tend to run demos online.” 

Students are using their art as a way to cope with anxiety due to the pandemic, but creating art at home has proven to be difficult for young artists, according to Hottle.

“If one of our students is working in a small apartment space with multiple family members that are there with them, then that gets trickier,” Hottle said. “So, you know, we’ve had to think a lot about how can someone make something on a kitchen table.”

The art department is still working on several projects to showcase student art, such as a possible presentation for Clark President Karin Edwards, the Art Student Annual, and the yearly release of The Phoenix.  

A great way to keep up with the art department is to follow them on Instagram and Facebook, both under the name Clark College Art. 

 “[COVID has] caused some rethinking that’s, you know, tricky but not always bad,” Hottle said.


2020-2021 Art Scholarship Awards winners:

Emmeline Campen – McCordic 

Joymae Capps – McCordic 

Larissa Baldwin-Dillon – McCordic 

Machig Dolma – McCordic & Southwest Watercolor Society 

Jodi Evans – McCordic          

Robin Golden – McCordic 

Ariel Hricziscse – McCordic 

Gwendolyn Kangas – McCordic 

Kurt Olstead – McCordic 

Kyle Pettyjohn – McCordic 

Lauren Puyleart – Art for Youth 

Kaitlyn Sekely – McCordic 

Kelsi Waible – Battle Ground Art Alliance 


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