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Students Express Disappointment In Clark’s Remote Operations

Illustration by Mary Guevara

A recent ASCC survey sent out to students has shown students are largely unsatisfied with how Clark has transitioned to remote learning.

This survey allowed the ASCC and Clark’s executives to answer questions from students about the rest of the year. It also gave them a look into students’ personal lives while trying to navigate online school during a pandemic.  Part of that survey was gathering questions from students to ask Clark College President Karin Edwards during a Zoom meeting.

The survey asked a wide range of questions; from whether or not students were registered to vote, how the ASCC can help students, and preferences in virtual events and availability.

When asked how the ASCC can help students this year, many students had a simple answer: “Just be available and have resources”. 

Students asked for quick email responses, advocating for reducing tuition costs and homework, or help with the financial aid process. However, the biggest request was consistent and open communication with students about changes.

The President of the ASCC, Josiah Joner, explained how this year has changed the way student government is connecting with students for the better, “I think this year with COVID, the implications that that [sic] has kind of led us to be sure to change the way that we interact. Obviously, it’s going to be virtually.” 

Joner said the ASCC would like to hold more forums where students can respond and give feedback. He said the ASCC has been looking into providing a canvas module for students with resources. He explained that the ASCC sees an opportunity to change how things are done amid the pandemic.

“We might not have had the opportunity to do that when we were in person, because we have other stuff going on.”

Some students mentioned issues that were niche but still valid in the survey, such as ways to communicate without WiFi or affording childcare for students raising kids while in school. 

“Everyone right now is facing uncertainty,” Joner said. 

 “I think especially when you look at, you know, questions about student parents, or financial aid, a lot of that’s kind of been exasperated with Coronavirus right now, made it a lot more difficult for students.” He affirms, “We can have different members of our college community answer [those questions].” 

Ellie Davidson, the ASCC’s Vice President explained their current challenges, “The main challenge is just outreach”. She continues, “Even faculty are hard to reach on email sometimes, which causes issues when you’re repeatedly following up with them.” 

Davidson continued, “The website has issues, email has issues, Zoom has issues. And so we’re trying to brainstorm the best ways to do that.”

Amy Rodriguez, the Student Relations & Promotions Coordinator for the ASCC agreed that connection and holding events are the most difficult parts of her job right now, explaining that it’s hard to get students involved when they don’t even know that ASCC is still holding some activities.

Rodriguez is also in charge of ASCC’s Instagram. She explained that the best way to stay in the loop with Clark College and the public events is to follow ASCC and Clark’s social media accounts, read emails from the school, or watch for the text messages that Clark sends. 

Communication has been difficult for students and the ASCC alike. Joner said that their main goal will be becoming the bridge between Clark College and its students. 

“Access to resources is just, difficult, even for us. Trying to find who we need and trying to get in touch with them, it’s hard for us and it’s hard for students as well. And so, [we need to be able to] help address those needs, and really a lot of that help can come from the professors.”

If you would like to follow Clark College on Instagram, you can find them at @clarkcollege. 

The ASCC is in charge of the Instagram account @clarkstudents.

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