Culinary Program Will Return to Campus This Summer Quarter

A cartoon image of kitchen tools and a chef half over text that says "Culinary Arts returns this summer!"
Artwork created by: Ashley Conjugacion

When thinking about kitchens, most of us envision the standard, small American kitchen. There isn’t room for more than three people, and bumping into each other while  someone’s egg is burning is not unusual. Students in Clark’s culinary programs will have a different experience to campus. Classes will be held on campus this Summer quarter, with social distancing enforced. 

“We have always been a small class, we should be able to cohesively function while keeping distance,” Krystal Dake, a senior in the Culinary Management Program, said. “It’s a huge kitchen even by restaurant standards.”

Image of Krystal Dake with a filter that has two pink butterflies fluttering around her.
Krystal Dake (courtesy of Krystal Dake).

Dake will be graduating with 11 students this year. Having the last portion of the management program online has been working well for Dake, “This structure works better for me, we are just going through a management book,” she said.

“Do your best and have fun. It really is a fun class and I hope it can continue to be that way with the space.” Dake said to the new students joining the culinary programs this Summer.

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