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Weekly Waddle

Oswald the penguin is wearing a hat and scarf beside text that says, "The Weekly Waddle, the Indy's round up of this week's interesting news." Welcome to the Weekly Waddle, the top news you can use. The Indy’s weekly round up of the latest articles that can be of interest to you.

Honoring M.L.K. and Hoping to Pave the Way to Better Roads Clark citizens gather to celebrate M.L.K. through community service. Locals rally to improve Clark County roads and driving conditions. 

Lane Men’s and Women’s Basketball Teams Win Against Clark Clark’s Men’s basketball team lost 54-73 and Clark’s Women’s team lost 42-82. 

Rundown of the Coronavirus Dr. Alan Melnick, Clark County Public Health Officer, explains the symptoms of the virus and who is more at-risk.

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