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Clark’s 98 security cameras added on campus

Footage taken from security cameras on the campus. (Courtesy of campus security)


She tripped over the parking bumper and landed on her shoulder, breaking it in four places. Corlene Ankrum was alone in the unlit parking lot after class.There was a running car parked beside her, but the driver didn’t hear her cries for help. 

Ankrum called her professor, Bruce Elgort, on her phone. Elgort, along with his class, helped Ankrum and a friend drove her to the ER. This was Dec. 12, 2018 in the AA4 parking lot.

In Nov. 2016 a professor was assaulted by a student in the parking lot. According to Mike See, Director of Security and Safety, this was the reason Clark decided to install more cameras on campus. Work to install the cameras began in Spring quarter. Clark has installed 80 more cameras to survey campus grounds. There are 60 new cameras inside the school and 20 outside. The Indy reported on the assault and poor lighting in Clark College parking lots in 2017.

As planned, security has been able to identify criminals with their cameras. See said that there was an unexpected use for the cameras. They have also been useful in being able to pull up footage of people in need of medical attention and guide ambulances to them. Security goes to the injured person and stays until help arrives. 

“Personally, I don’t mind being watched by cameras,” Ankrum said. “(But) how are people going to watch all the cameras in real-time?”

“Our cameras are not continually monitored. We check them when we can or if we are coordinating a response or conducting an investigation,” See said. 

See is spearheading these new installments of the cameras. 

“All planned (cameras) are not currently installed. We’re planning on right around 98 and so far, since we have been working on this project since Spring, 80 of them have been installed.” See said.

Clark student Kaila Ludwigson, was informed about the new cameras. Ludwigson said she thinks it would make sense for general security, although she would like to know where the cameras will be. 

“Gaiser Hall probably, computer labs and wherever there are valuables of the school and more hallways,” said Ludwigson when sharing her thoughts on where the cameras would be best placed.

See said the majority of the already installed cameras were in STEM and CTC along with the bookstore, cashier office, all testing centers and the dental hygiene rooms. New indoor cameras are in Gaiser, Penguin Union Building (PUB) , the library, everything around the science complex, O’Connell Sports Center (OSC), Beacock Music and the President’s office in Baird Hall. 

Funding for cameras comes from the Board of Trustees, the cabinet and capital improvement money. In an email from ASCC Vice President Han Pham, the parking fees raised from $0.75 per credit to $1.25 up to 10 credits in May 2017. Student fees go towards keeping the cameras licensed and maintained.

See believes that there aren’t enough cameras in the parking lots. 

According to the crime log, in the last 60 days there have been 12 instances of theft, or attempted theft, on campus.

“(We) did a lot of experimentation and put a lot of cameras in there so we could learn what we were doing,” See said. “There are blind spots in every place. But I feel that our best covered parking lot is currently Orange 2.” 

Here is a video on this story: Clark College Installs New Security Cameras on Biteable.


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