Clark College Faculty and Supporters March for Fair Wages

Kimberly Sullivan led faculty and supporters to Bauer Hall chanting and displaying signs in negotiation for higher pay.

Clark College faculty and their supporters, were unified in red as they gathered in front of the Penguin Union Building 11:15 a.m. Wednesday. They conducted a press conference outside of Bauer Hall, to give voice in their negotiations for fair and equal pay.

Participants wore red shirts that have “Pay Equity with K-12 Clark College” on the front and displayed poster signs reading “Fair Contract Now” as they marched as one.

All pictures are from Brandy Stone.

“When our College is under attack, what do we do?

Stand up, fight back!

What do we want?

Fair contract!

When do we want it?


Everywhere we go,

People want to know,

Who we are,

So we tell them,

We are the union,

The mighty mighty union,

Fighting for students,

And for education!”

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