Introducing Your New Student Government

Theresa Matthiesen – Online Managing Editor
Tara Graham – Social Media Manager
Photos taken by Samantha Lelo, Afan Mohamed, Sophie Nguyen and Theresa Matthiesen

Shalana Marshall – Finance Director
Dropping out of school at the age of 17, Shalana Marshall spent the next 20 years raising her two daughters. Marshall never settled into a career partly because of personal struggles. “I spent a lot of my life dealing with depression and a lack of confidence,” she said.
When Marshall’s daughters became teenagers they started asking why they should graduate if she didn’t. She graduated from the High School 21+ program, allowing her to finish high school credit requirements and receive a diploma. “When I got a graduation diploma my youngest congratulated me,” she said. “They did a standing ovation clapping for me when I tried on my cap and gown.”
The past two years Marshall has worked as a transitional studies peer mentor. “Students are the most vulnerable,” she said. “We don’t have educations yet, we come from different backgrounds.”
Marshall intends to continue working with transitional studies program. “You’re bringing in students that don’t know your language you’re all learning to co-exist together,” she said. “It’s really cool, I love it.”
Marshall is graduating this Spring with her AA in Business Administration. As Finance Director, Marshall says it allows her to fulfill her program requirements and give something back at the same time. “Aim for the stars no matter how hard the work is,” Marshall said. “You never know who you’re going to empower to do great things.”

From left to right: Meika Ahn, Alyssa Dolan and Randi Richardson
From left to right: Meika Ahn, Alyssa Dolan and Randi Richardson

Alyssa Dolan – Executive Assistant
ASCC’s new executive administrator, Alyssa Dolan is a running start student who is involved in multiple leadership roles in the district, and is the youngest on the team this year.
The position is perfect for her, she is in charge of taking notes at meetings, keep things organized and most importantly helping people. “At first I was extremely shy about applying just in general. The first time they had their rounds I thought about the higher positions but I shied away. They still couldn’t find an executive assistant.” she says.

Taking 20 credits this term while in high school at the same time hasn’t deterred her at all. As a psychology and art major, this position allows her to gain experience while practicing skills that relate to both of those things. She knows that it can be hard work to manage her time, but Dolan loves the challenge. “I was interested in a secretary position in the future when I graduate. I thought that was really exciting,” said Dolan. “You get to be with the boss, taking notes, having that responsibility and just having that purpose of helping that person. I get to interact with other students and find new friends and just show them all the different resources Clark College has.”
Something that is really important to Alyssa is that everyone who enters Clark College feels comfortable and safe regardless of race, religion, gender identity or sexual orientation. It’s important to her that people feel like they belong and are part of community where they can express themselves freely. “That’s why I like psychology, just to understand people. I have my own biases, but I want to fix them. That’s what I feel that Clark is improving on every single day and that’s why I’m here.”

Kailee Hibbs pictured above
Kailee Hibbs pictured above

Kailee Hibbs – ASCC Activities Director
Although she is still learning a lot about her new role, ASCC activities director Kailee Hibbs is very excited to take on the challenge. A former running start student, this is both her first year at Clark College and as a member of the ASCC.
Grace Mo, former ASCC president and childhood friend, encouraged Hibbs to take an active role in student leadership. “I really wanted to get involved at Clark. I always wanted to be in student government.” said Hibbs. “I’m super happy I got to be a part of this team.” Next on her list is a food drive campaign this November.
Although she grew up here, Hibbs feels this is the first time in her life she has really enjoyed the nature and outdoor activities the area offers.
“If you don’t find me at my desk and you don’t find me at a class, I will be at the top of a mountain or at a waterfall or just enjoying the amazing Pacific Northwest” she said. “Hiking is my favorite activity. It made me really fall in love with where we live and with Vancouver being the central point of so much happening. I really love it here and I love being outside.”
Hibbs is currently running a voter registration campaign to get as many students as she can to register to vote this year. Her inspiration came from a contest Washington State Governor Jay Inslee created to encourage college students to vote. Students can register to vote in the student life center, where they are entered into a fall give away. More information can be found here.

Bryce Regian pictured above
Bryce Regian pictured above

Bryce Regian – ASCC President
Bryce Regian is in his second year at Clark College and one month into his first year as the new ASCC president. As president, Regian interprets the bylaws of the constitution and serves as the direct voice to the board of trustees and administration on students’ behalf. “I am a mediator in that sense,” Regian said.
When students raise a concern, it is Regian’s job to voice those concerns to the executive council and College President Bob Knight. Then, Regian works with the council to come up with a solution that works for everyone on campus.
Regian’s specific goal for the 2018-2019 year, is to work on New Hope legislation for previously incarcerated students. This legislation would help affected students finish diplomas or GEDs and get a new start in life with an education. Regian believes such legislation will help correct inequalities and is working hard to get the issue recognized on a state-wide legislative level. “I am the delegate for Clark college for WACKSA. When it comes time every year to go to Olympia and contact legislators… I am the one who gets to advocate for what Clark and this campus and students want,” Regian said.
Regian wants to major in political science and work in politics, so obtaining the role of ASCC president is a perfect starting point for him. “This is entry into what I want to be doing for the rest of my life. I want to help people who are predisposed to certain things they can’t help. People who have certain inequalities, socioeconomic, racial, sexuality, gender, people who can’t advocate for themselves or can and their voices aren’t heard. I want to be the person that can make sure that their voices are heard and that they’re taken seriously,” Regian said.

ASCC club coordinator – Randi Richards
Randi Richards, the ASCC’s new club coordinator is in her third year at Clark College. She previously completed two years of the Running Start program and will graduate with an associates in biology along with the associate of arts transfer degree she has already earned.
As club coordinator, Richards is in charge of chartering clubs and running the student involvement fair. One of her goals this year is increasing student sustainability. Richards knows that many students struggle financially and hopes to help them learn skills to save money that they might not know. She wants to host an event to teach students how to shop smart as well as encourage students to apply for the numerous scholarships available.

Richards learned a lot of the skills she needs for her position during her 12 years in 4-H. “I am a first-generation college student and 4-H gave me the skills and drive I needed to be able to go to college,” she said. Her history with 4-H includes working with sheep, horses, cats and competing in shooting events. Raising and selling sheep even helped her save money for college. Richards also participated in public presentation competitions where she placed in the top 10 in the nation twice. Richards believes her public speaking skills, which she finds much needed in her new position, were strengthened by her time with 4-H.

Astou Cisse pictured above
Astou Cisse pictured above

Nedye Astou Cisse- ASCC Promotions Coordinator
Nedye Astou Cisse understands the importance of student involvement and building communities and networks on campus. Cisse started joining clubs and committees her very first quarter at Clark College and is now serves as the ASCC’s promotions coordinator.

Her main goal this year is to get students involved in any way she can. She is in charge of keeping the event calendars updated, using social media to spread the word about resources and information from the numerous departments within Clark College and making sure every student who is asking for help knows where to go to receive it. “We offer tips on how to succeed professionally and academically and also have fun and learn throughout their journey at Clark College,” Cisse said. She encourages all students to get involved in the Clark Community and take advantage of all the opportunities that are offered to them as she believes this will very helpful for their futures.

Students having relationships with faculty is also important to Cisse. and Part of her job as promotions coordinator is to host events, activities and workshops on campus to bring everyone closer together. She believes that networking is the most important thing that will help a student after the graduate and move into the working world.

Cisse grew up in Senegal, West Africa and moved to the United States directly following high school to start her college education. She is majoring in petroleum engineering and plans to transfer to a four-year university to continue her studies when she graduates from Clark in the spring. She speaks English, Wolof, Spanish, French and Arabic and hopes to learn Mandarin sometime in the near future. “I just want to make positive change on campus for all students” said Cisse.

Meika Ahn – ASCC Vice President
Three weeks into her new position as ASCC vice president, Meika Ahn is having fun and learning a lot of new things. Ahn’s main job is to be serve as the liaison between committees and interviewees by recruiting and interviewing potential committee members. She is also is the managing coordinator of the various committees at Clark. Along with role with ASCC, Ahn also serves as the vice president of leadership for Phi Theta Kappa.
While Ahn was collecting signatures from students for the ASCC election, she noticed that about 60 percent of the 70 students she spoke with did not know that Clark College had a student government or what the ASCC actually does. She was shocked by the lack of knowledge about ASCC on campus and has made it her main goal as vice president to spread the word about student government and what they do. She wants to change the level of student participation on campus. “Please participate, especially on committees because you get paid, build leadership, find your passions, build networks with faculty members and I wish more students would know what we have for them.”
From a young age, Ahn knew she wanted to be in leadership but pushing herself to get involved wasn’t easy. Ahn grew up in South Korea with a very conservative family who felt that a woman’s place was not in leadership. When she arrived in the United States and started college, she still had the desire to join a leadership team, but as a foreigner with an introverted personality she was too nervous to try. Then she met Susan Kane, a TED talk presenter during a trip with Phi Theta Kappa. “She taught me that introverts can be great leaders and even though you have disadvantages you can make that your advantage and that really inspired me.”
Another inspiration for Ahn, who is majoring in science and plans to attend medical school, is her grandfather who lives in South Korea.
“My grandfather, he is the biggest motivator in my life. He always took care of me and inspired me,” she said.
Even though her family is very conservative, Ahn’s grandfather always encouraged her to follow her dreams. He recently suffered a stroke which has further motivated Ahn to attend medical school. She hopes to become a neurosurgeon or neurobiologist so she can help people who are going through similar experiences as her grandfather. When they communicate via skype, she asks questions and he responds by using his eyes to blink yes or no.
In her spare time, Ahn enjoys art, history and science museums or reading a good book with a cup of tea. She is looking forward to the cold, crisp, sunny fall days the Pacific Northwest is known for.

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