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Top Three Resources Included in Your Tuition

Tara Graham – Social Media Manger

Clark offers numerous resources to students which are paid for as part of tuition and Service and Activities fees. Here are the top 3 resources on the main campus available to all registered students.

Penguin Pantry

The Penguin Pantry, opened one year ago, offers a space for students to receive groceries, toiletries and school supplies. The Pantry provides referrals to outside help agencies including the local food bank and supports a healthy student body by reducing hunger on campus.  Marianne Luther, Program Coordinator of the Counseling and Health Center, served on the Pantry’s opening committee. She said the Pantry is important because students who go hungry will experience a decline in their abilities to learn and concentrate.

Each day, students can choose toiletries, school supplies, three snacks, one drink and up to six grocery items.

Counseling and Health Center

The Health Sciences building is home to mental and physical health care services from the Counseling and Health Center in room 124. Counselors will see students to teach coping techniques for anxiety, depression, relationship problems, suicidal thoughts and stress.  Students have 20 mental health visits available over two years, as long as they are a registered student each quarter.

The Center provides a nurse practitioner to see students for reduced-cost physical health exams, immunizations, STD testing, basic first aid and lab exams. In the office is a station of over-the-counter medications, menstrual supplies and sexual health items.

“The whole idea of this clinic is pretty amazing, especially for a community college,” Luther said. “There are a lot of stigmas with getting mental health help. It can be scary.” Luther said she is proud to maintain a place that offers a safe and comfortable space for students.The Center is hosting an open house on Oct. 10 from 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. for the community to learn more about the center and its services.

Veterans Resource Center

In the downstairs level of the Penguin Union Building, students will find Archer Gallery, the Career Center, Disability Support Services and the Veterans Resource Center. The Veteran’s Center offers resources to veterans and their dependents.  Students going to the Center can expect to find assistance with tutoring, securing benefits, financial aid and access to their textbook library.

Erik Martinez, student and Veterans Center representative, said their most important resource is their textbook library, which is made possible through student donations. He said books are given to students based on availability and first-come-first-serve basis.
Martinez said his favorite part of working in the center is helping veterans on campus every day.  

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