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Letter From the Editor

Welcome, new and returning students, to the first Fall issue of the Independent.

The Independent, affectionately referred to as the Indy, is Clark’s student-run news publication with an online site.

Maintaining a triple-pointed mission, the Independent provides thoughtful, objective and timely news coverage, serves as a learning lab for the student journalists who bring the publication to life and serves as a forum for public discussion of topics important to the Clark community.

This year, we are bringing the Indy into 2019 with an all-new website and more interactive social media, to offer students a valuable platform for learning about and discussing ideas that matter. We are also rededicating to the revival of Mundo Clark, our Spanish-language series catered to Hispanic, ESL and international students.

The Indy can only thrive as long as it serves students in the ways they need.

We openly acknowledge gender, race and other identities as not being on binary spectrums, but rather an intersectional web. With the high priority of referring to sources with correct language in mind, we encourage all to communicate with us pronouns and other personal references they are most comfortable with. With our society in a cycle of using bad language that is inaccurate at best and many times cruel, we can’t and won’t perpetuate that cycle in our publication.

We openly invite our readers to submit commentary, art or short comic strips to The Independent. Once submitted, they become the property of The Independent and writing is subject to editing for length, clarity and style.

The Indy produces news and other stories throughout the quarter that are structured around the needs of Clark students. When you see the blue stands around campus that are filled with our magazine, you can be sure you will flip through a publication catered to you.

My inbox is open to all at

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Abigail Soto

    Thank you, Luc, for making the Indy’s commitment to inclusive language explicitly clear. This is a big deal!

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