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Entrepreneur Club Seeks Applicants for College Business Competition

The Entrepreneur Club is hosting their first multiple-month-long event called Pitch Fest during which they will be seeking business plan submissions from students to compete in University of Washington’s Business Plan Competition for a $25,000 prize.

Second-year student and club president Heather Leasure said the requirements to enter the competition are to be at least 18, have a GPA of at least 2.5 and current enrollment in at least six credits. Leasure said for students to enter, they should submit a 1-2 page executive summary of their business idea for a product or service at by Oct. 26.

For the portion of the competition held at Clark, judges will include members of the Clark College Foundation. After the club selects the top 24 submissions, participants are responsible for creating a teams of four and a visual presentation for the trade show-style competition on Nov. 7. After the top 12 teams are announced from the trade show competition, the teams move on to a 6-minute on-campus oral presentation on Nov. 16. No one is eliminated on this day, instead judges will ask questions to the presenters to help them improve their business plans.

On Nov. 30 the top 12 teams will give their oral presentations again to new judges. The top three teams chosen on that day will compete in the UW competition with the Entrepreneur Club. The trip to UW for the competition will be an all-expenses paid trip, paid for by the Entrepreneur Club and one-time funding from the ASCC.

Leasure said this event is a great opportunity for folks looking to get involved in the Entrepreneur Club or business on campus. “We are very excited for this event,” Leasure said. “We might make it an annual thing if all goes well.”

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