Student Decorates Indy Magazines

By Luc Hoekstra – Campus Editor

A Reason to Love Clark: Students know how to leave their mark.

A dozen copies of the Independent’s sixth issue this year sat in the STEM Building news

Student Vanessa Casillas added her own illustrations to an April issue of the Indy. She will graduate this year with her high school diploma and Associates of Arts degree and will study animation at Washington State University Vancouver this fall. (Luc Hoekstra / The Independent)

stand. One copy at the front is covered in pen-drawn illustrations, signed by Instagram user


@ThatOneArtiste, also known as second-year Running Start student and Comics Club officer Vanessa Casillas, said she forgot her sketchbook at home one day, so she used a copy of the Indy instead.

“I just draw a lot, everyday,” she said. Casillas said she is inspired by fantasy themes including the TV show “Once Upon a Time” and the movie “The Little Prince.”

Casillas said she donates original paintings to the organization Kids Cancer Connection to help them fundraise. She organizes personal commissions through her instagram account. As a Comics Club officer, she takes notes on discussions during meetings.
Casillas said she will earn her Associates of Arts degree, along with a high school diploma from Evergreen High School, this Spring. She said she will attend Washington State

A story about students concealed carrying on campus by Life Editor Ainslie Cromar is embellished by student Vanessa Casillas’ drawing of a security officer cartoon. (Luc Hoekstra / The Independent)

University Vancouver for either 2D or 3D animation.


The Indy is publishing an online series called “Reasons to Love Clark.” These short stories highlight lesser-known facts and faces that shape the campus community.


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