Spring Food Drive Could End With a Presidential Dunk

By Jonna Gomes – Reporter

The student government is accepting food donations at the Office of Student Life, PUB 160, for the on-campus food pantry with a goal of 1,500 donations by June 15.

If the goal is met, the ASCC will drop Clark College President Bob Knight in a dunk tank during the “Spring Thing” event. ASCC Activities Director Lydia Straub said the student government has received over 300 donations for the Penguin Pantry and she expects more. She said student government officials usually put in their own donations last.

Straub said the food drive addresses one of the ASCC’s three goals this year: textbook affordability, student support and food security. Citing a survey showing that 35 percent of students have faced housing or food insecurity, Straub said the food drive is important to students in need.

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