Japanese Program to Serve Free Pastries

By Stevie Riepe – Reporter

In an effort to bring Japanese culture to Clark, the Japanese program will host a local Japanese pastry bakery owner, offering the first 300 students to try his pastries May 25 at noon in the Gaiser Student Center.

Japanese professor Michiyo Okuhara organized the event with Japanese instructor Yoko Sato. Okuhura said the event will highlight the importance of food in Japanese culture.

Hiro Horie, owner of Oyatsupan Bakers in Beaverton, will offer baked goods he sells in his bakery including melon pan, chocolate ganache pan, curry donu and Japanese sweet potato croissant.

Okuhara said they invited Horie because his bakery sells over 50 traditional Japanese pastries. Okuhara said, “the more we introduce, the more likely a student may find something that fascinates them.”

“Spring is the end of the school year and I look for people who can bring Japanese culture locally,” Okuhara said.

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