Penguin Footprints Promote a Healthy Campus

By Dylan Turk – Reporter

A reason to love Clark: You can follow colorful footprints for fitness.

Penguin footprints have decorated the campus pavement for over a decade, each of the three different colors of footprints marking a different running path: blue footprints for a halfmile loop, orange for a mile and white for two miles.

Fitness Center Co-coordinator Steve Da Massa said he uses the footprints for his P.E. classes and personal fitness. He said the footprints are used for campus-wide events like Walktober, the October walking challenge between Clark, Lower Columbia College and Washington State University Vancouver.

Da Massa said his favorite event is the Healthy Penguin Walkabout, which was first held in 2016. The Walkabout is an event where participants walk along the penguin footprint paths, stopping at stations that offer health assessments by students along the way including checking blood sugar, cavities, body fat percentage, balance and blood pressure.

Da Massa said the Penguin Paths are part of Clark’s dedication to promoting fitness on campus.

“The Indy is publishing an online series called “Reasons to Love Clark.” These short stories highlight lesser-known facts and faces that shape the campus community.”

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this story referred to the penguin footprints as “penguin feet.”


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