Comics Club Looks to Unite Fans on Campus

By Anthony Bubb – Reporter

ASCC Student Relations and Promotions Coordinator Bryce Van Patten created a Comics Club with like-minded friends this quarter, inspired by the two comic creation classes offered on campus.

After taking Contemporary Drawing Practices with art professor Grant Hottle and Intro to Creative Writing with English professor Toby Peterson as co-curricular classes in Winter 2017, Van Patten started a Facebook group about comics. Van Patten said the group thrived for a year before he decided the informal group should become a chartered club, funded by the ASCC.

Van Patten said his roles in student government and the club are completely separate.

In the two comic creation classes, the instructors use acclaimed comics includingWatchmen,” “The Dark Knight Returns and “The Sandman to teach scripting, storyboarding and drawing.

The club meets in room 117 of the Applied Arts 4 Building from 1:30-2:30 p.m. every other Wednesday, with the next meeting on May 9.

“It was on purpose that we set up our meetings in the same room as the [comic book] class, right after their class ends,Van Patten said. He said the club acts as a resource for the comic class students to get feedback on their work or offer advice to someone else. But he said the club isn’t just for refinement of the comic class student’s work.

“We’re also there for comic book appreciation, Van Patten said. “To share new discoveries and old treasures.”

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this story misidentified the AA4 Building as part of Joan Stout Hall.

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