ASCC Ziplines Students into Leadership

By Maddie Petta – Managing Editor

Some students whooped, some screeched in fear and others maintained a stoic face as they hurtled through the air

(Maddie Petta/The Independent)

on a 180-foot zipline next to Hanna Hall on Tuesday morning.

The ASCC hosted the zipline attraction through National Events Pros from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on May 1 to promote student interest in applying for next year’s student government positions, before the May 4 deadline.

(Maddie Petta/The Independent)

Romello Brice worked with National Events Pros at the end of the zipline and said he was glad it didn’t rain because that causes the zipline to go faster. “You can pick up around 5 miles an hour or more because the cord is so slick, he said.

Student Tara Schlichenmayer went on the zipline several times. “It was awesome,” she said, laughing breathlessly.

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