Clark Clubs on Display at Student Involvement Fair

By Crystal Brewster – Reporter

The ASCC hosted the Spring Student Involvement Fair on April 24 at Anderson Fountain from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. where more than 12 clubs hosted tables promoting their program, giving Clark students options including an outdoor program, a new comic club and the STEM Nerd Girls.

Samantha Wendlend, president of the Outdoor and Recreation Club, said she loves exploring outdoors and her program would benefit clark students. She said she is passionate about students getting outdoors so they can experience what it has to offer.

We live in such a beautiful place,Wendlend said. “And a lot of people don’t get to experience that.”

Comic Club member Marty Guard said he isn’t afraid to call himself a nerd. ”We really help to integrate nerdism into our everyday college life,” he said. Comic Club meets Wednesdays 12:30 p.m. Students can email Tobias Peterson at about Comic Club questions.

STEM Nerd Girls member Elin Bony said the club provides for the Nerd Cave over in the STEM building. The STEM Nerd Girls club is a program that supports students pursuing STEM careers through competitions, networking and providing study space.

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