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Bloodmobile Visits Clark, Cites Growth in Local Blood Donations

By Joey Defalco – News Editor

A Bloodworks Northwest blood donation bus parked in its regular spot outside the Penguin Union Building on April 16 and 17 to collect donations for local hospitals and medical facilities.

Bloodworks Northwest phlebotomist Jonathon Isaac said the Seattle-based nonprofit blood bank and research institute provides all of Clark County’s blood. “[People] don’t realize we’re providing most of the blood in the area,” he said.

Bloodworks Northwest workers focus on providing a pleasant experience for donors, so they will return and encourage others to donate. “We try and provide a high level of customer service,” Isaac said.

Workers also encourage donors to post their experience to social media to create a friendlier atmosphere and publicize their organization.

“I’ve been known to photobomb a pic or two,” Isaac said.

Isaac said the organization works on many fronts to promote and increase donation rates. He said they utilize tools such as media outreach, call centers and business partnerships. “It’s been an enormous undertaking for us,he said.

Isaac said donations are on the rise thanks to Bloodworks Northwest’s media outreach, call centers and partnerships with local businesses like the Portland radio broadcasting company Alpha Media.

“We are seeing steady growth,” Isaac said. “We’re seeing our drives be busier and busier.” He said Bloodworks Northwest’s current growth is in contrast to the declining rate of blood donations nationally.

Isaac described the college community as altruistic donors. “When I see it on my schedule, I know I’m going to have a steady day,he said.

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